Top 5 Best WiFi Routers In India

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Modifying your WiFi router isn’t the most exciting thing but it can make a world of difference when you’re streaming HD movies or online gaming. To save yourself the headache, here are the top five best WiFi routers in India right now.

No matter what type of gadget you own, there comes a time when you need to upgrade for better performance or compatibility. It’s no different with your WiFi router as they have evolved over time and become much more advanced than they used to be.

However, when it comes to upgrading your WiFi router, there are several factors you should consider before splashing the cash. Here are a few pointers to guide you on what to look for in a WiFi router.

1. Check the Speed When picking out a new router it’s important to check the speed of the device. This is especially true if you like to download movies and play online games as this will make all the difference when streaming or gaming online.

2. Multi-Band WiFi Wireless networks are all about speed at the moment and it’s important to choose a router that is multi-band and supports all of the bands your ISP provide you. If you’re not sure what bands your ISP uses then ask them, it might be worth an upgrade if you don’t have a router that supports the ones they use as there will be no lag time while you stream or play online games as well as no risk of dropping out of a game due to a bad connection.

3. Support for the latest WiFi standards The world is constantly moving towards faster data transfer speeds and it’s always best to get a router that supports the latest WiFi standards. This could mean a few things, higher bandwidths or supports 802.11ac which are all great things to have if you’re planning on upgrading your device any time soon.

4. Multi-User Mode Multi-User Mode is something we have come to expect on our routers these days and it’s great for those of us who might have two or more devices in one room that can’t quite keep up with one another when it comes to downloading HD movies from the internet.

5. Wireless AC is the latest standard of WiFi, and it promises faster speeds when compared to Wireless N, which is what most routers run on as well as not suffering from slowdowns due to users in your vicinity.

So there you have it, five pointers to consider before buying the next WiFi router for your home or office. While picking out a new router might not seem like the most exciting thing in the world, it will make a world of difference when you’re streaming HD movies or playing online games. So if you need a new router to check out this list of the best WiFi routers in India.

Some good routers

Mercusys router has good features and the price is low.

TP-Link router has a good range and is compatible with all major OS.

The D-link router is good but it doesn’t have a good Wi-Fi range.

syrotech router is good.

Netgear router by 4g provides good speed even at a longer range.

A typical wifi router consists of the following parts: a wireless access point (WAP), a modem or base station, and a network interface (the physical part that connects the WAP to the computer). Here are the various parts that make up a WiFi router: 1. The Access Point The WAP is an important part of your home WiFi system because it’s what you connect to for Internet access. Many people may not realize this, but the power in your home comes from two devices—your power outlet and your WiFi router.

The problem is which one should we use. I recommend going for TP-Link, D-Link & Netgear routers.


Choosing a great router for us we need to know which one is better. I will recommend you to buy TP-Link & D-Link. I used it for the last 6 months and I found it best with a very good price.
I worked with a Netgear router (actually a 4G router) and I have no problem but after this experience, I don’t want to go for any routers as they are too expensive.
So… the best is D-link but in near future, I will buy a TP-Link/4G router.

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